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GIRFT: Collating New Ways of Working

Send NHS England your examples of the "new normal"

Everyone now realises that there will be no quick return to the pre-COVID-19 ways of working, and that some changes in practice will be permanent. The Getting It Right First Time programme team has been asked by NHSE/I to collate examples of new ways of working which have been successful and could be adopted across the country. 

If you have adopted new ways of working that you feel are working well, we would be most grateful if you could complete a survey which NHSE/I are running. This can be accessed by clicking here.

If you have time, it would also be helpful if you could also e-mail a brief description of the service to Mr Simon Harrison. The information needed by Simon includes:

  • name of hospital Trust;
  • nature of the innovation and how it changes the patient pathway;
  • impact of the change in terms of population health outcome, safety, efficiency, productivity;
  • what is needed to sustain this change in practice; and
  • have there been any problems with the change?

Simon, working with Kieran O'Flynn & John McGrath, will collate these changes and share the information (but not your name or e-mail address) with BAUS and NHSE/I.

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