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Penile Prosthesis Centre Statement

from the BAUS Section of Andrology

Following the recent announcement by NHS England with regards to expressions of interest for Penile Prosthesis Centres, we appreciate that there is a lot of concern and anxiety amongst the members who perform penile implants. The Andrology Executive Committee met to discuss the best way to move forward in a manner which will be most beneficial to our patients and agreeable to all involved.

Click here to view the documents forming the NHS England Clinical Commissioning Poilcy on Penile Prosthesis Surgery.

As you are aware, BAUS has been instrumental in shaping the specification for penile prosthesis, having campaigned successfully on behalf of its members for there to be a centre in each region. However, at this current time NHS England recognises only seven regions. At this late stage, it is very unlikely that this will be changed or negotiated further.

We appreciate that there are concerns with regards to geographical spread and patient populations. We need to viewt this as an opportunity to streamline systems in a manner which is equitable and fair to all. This is a vital opportunity for us to work together and collaborate, making the best use of everyone’s strengths and skills. In addition, it provides an opportunity to improve our implant services by concentrating experience and creating innovation & research. It also allows us to grow the service to meet the growing demands being created by pathologies and surgeries resulting in erectile dysfunction. In the future, our implant services may demonstrate the advantages seen in high-volume centres for other conditions. We can use this as an opportunity to work even more collaboratively with our other andrology colleagues.  I would urge everyone to open lines of communication with their counterparts in their respective regions to see how joint working / bids could be facilitated, if deemed best for patient care. The deadline for bids remains tight.

I would welcome everyone’s thoughts and comments and should anyone wish to discuss this further, or if we can be of any help,  I along with the rest of the Committee would be happy to discuss this further - you can reach us via our contact page or individually via email links on the Committee webpage.

Marc Lucky, Chair, BAUS Section of Andrology Executive Committee

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