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The Management of Urological Trauma Associated with Pelvic Fractures

With the British Orthopaedic Association

Urological trauma is rare: the incidence of severe urethral trauma is 1 per million of the population per year.

The majority of urological injuries are due to blunt, high-energy trauma, often with associated multi-system injuries, and 80% of patients have pelvic fractures. Urological injuries are potentially fatal in their own right, but can also result in severe long-term disability.

This guideline (BOAST 14) has been prepared in collaboration with the British Orthopaedic Association and includes advice for managing patients of all ages with potential bladder or urethral trauma.

It is also referenced within the NICE guidance on complex fractures.

Download the BAUS/BOA (BOAST14) guideline or download the patient information leaflet about urinary and sexual problems following pelvic trauma.

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