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GIRFT Updated

Mr Simon Harrison has circulated the following information for BAUS members: 

“... Following on from the GIRFT National Specialty Report on Urology, the GIRFT team have published a Handbook of Good Practice in Urology which can be downloaded here. This contains:

  1. Guidance on how Urology Departments and Trusts might go about establishing collaborative working arrangements within a Urology Area Network.  It is hoped that most Urologists will, by now, be aware of which other Urology Units they are likely to be networking with.
  2. A set of 23 case studies, produced by Urology Departments from around the country, that describe innovative ways of working and delivering services.  These examples of such practice came to light during the GIRFT visits to Trust Urology Departments.  There are doubtless many other examples which remain largely out of sight to the Urology community. 
It is hoped that the portfolio of case studies will increase over time; BAUS members are encouraged to contact the GIRFT Urology team with further examples of innovation that would be of wider interest.  It should be noted that GIRFT has not formally evaluated the practices that the case studies describe - clinicians are urged to judge whether adopting similar protocols and procedures would be expected to be of benefit to their own department.  This is information-sharing, rather than a policy-directive ..."

Simon Harrison
GIRFT Clinical Lead for Urology

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