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BAUS Oncology Newsletter - May 2022

A quick update on what’s happening in BAUS Oncology


  • National Kidney Cancer Audit - delighted to announce a fully commissioned kidney cancer audit;
  • National Prostate Cancer Audit  - going from strength to strength and delivering QI initiatives;
  • National Bladder Cancer Audit -  gathering momentum, working with FBC, ABC & RCR, 3 step plan ;
  • Capture metrics in BCa care in the UK (NMIBC- RESECT and MIBC - MITRE);
  • Stakeholder engagement & raise bladder cancer profile; and 
  • Business case for fully funded NBCA 2024 (UK wide).

2. ONCOLOGY SUMMER MEETING (BAUS ASM, Birmingham, 13-15 June 2022)

  • MDTs of clinical, service & training challenges in Urological cancer;
  • Patients in MDT panels;
  • Training courses - robotics for beginners and transperineal biopsies; and
  • Click here to register, if you haven’t already done so. 

3. AUDITS - Featuring all bladder cancer audits in BAUS Birmingham- a must see session


  • PARTIAL - Radical vs partial nephrectomy for renal tumours- Fully funded- Starts early 2023;
  • GUSTO - NAC + RC vs genome directed Rx + RC for MIBC starting 2023;
  • ELIPSE -  PLND vs No PLND in high-risk prostate cancer- submitted to NIHR for Stage 1 funding;
  • OMEN PET- SOC vs RARP in occult mets on PSMA PET- submitted to "Dragon’s Den";  
  • Have research idea you want us to progress – please send us your proposals; and
  • Funding opportunities – grants available from NIHR, TUF, PCUK, MRC CRUK.


We’d love to hear from you. See who we are, what we do and how to get in touch.

Krishna Narahari
Chair, BAUS Section of Oncology


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