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BAUS Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The future of British urology

Jo Cresswell, President of BAUS (2022-4), and Ian Pearce, President Elect (for 2024-6) write about the BAUS Strategic Plan for 2023-6:

BAUS is a charity and a membership organisation.  BAUS is also a community and one that is valued by its members, by our patients, by the wider urological workforce and external stakeholders. Everyone working in the NHS or using its services would agree that we are living through difficult times with a hangover of the pandemic compounding already testing demand and resource issues.

It is against this background that, in 2022, the Trustees of BAUS turned their eyes toward the Association’s future strategy.  Ian Pearce (Vice President) and I agreed to work together to develop a longer-term plan, spanning our consecutive presidencies.  A survey of members produced rich and wide-ranging comment. Themes emerged with most people highlighting education as the biggest asset of BAUS membership, and that workforce and service provision were their greatest concerns. The third theme to emerge was sustaining and recruiting members.

BAUS Council members, joined by trainees representing different cohorts of the BAUS Section of Trainees (BSoT) and the SAS@BAUS group of specialty and associate specialist doctors, worked over two days in September 2022 to prioritise suggestions from members and three main strategic objectives started to form – around the themes of Membership, Education and the Provision of Urological Services (including workforce and workload issues).  These are detailed in the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.  

Supporting these three themes is the development of a targeted communications strategy (including a review of current digital platforms to inform the development of a co-ordinated digital strategy) and the BAUS Widening Participation 10-Point Plan.  This Plan aims to empower all BAUS members to fulfil their potential by breaking down barriers to organisational involvement and lead lasting change within the surgical arena.  Delivery is well underway, with a number of initiatives embedded to engender lasting change ... 

Download the BAUS Strategic Plan 2023-6

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