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BAUS Strategic Plan 2020

The future of British urology

Mr Mark Speakman, President of BAUS, writes about the Strategic Plan for 2020:

BAUS has developed a new strategic plan, building on the review led by Professor Tony Mundy in 2006 - 2007. That review led to a wholesale change in the governance of BAUS, including the extension of voting rights to Trainee and AUS members, the establishment of a regionally elected Council, the creation of a smaller Board of Trustees and the transfer of BAUS activities to a new legal entity.

It was developed after an initial two-day consultative meeting, held in February 2015, which involved representatives from across the diverse membership of BAUS. 

The plan was approved by BAUS Trustees and Council in September 2015 and sets out both the objectives of the Association and the specific goals we wish to achieve over the next five years.

It remains true to the visions of our founders."

Download the BAUS Strategic Plan 2020

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