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BAUS Research Priorities

The Section has composed a basic list of urological research priorities. If you wish to add anything to this list, please contact the Section by clicking here or by using the "Contact" link on the menu (right).

Prostate cancer (CaP) Identification of clinically-relevant prostate cancer
New treatments for castrate-resistant prostate cancer
Best treatment for high-risk, localised prostate cancer
Focal therapy: safety, patient selection & "best" technology
Renal cancer (RCC) Individualised, multi-modal treatment
Renal-preserving interventions
UK-wide tissue bank
Bladder cancer (TCC) Identification of high-risk, superficial TCC requiring cystectomy
Alternatives to "check cystoscopy"
Evidence synthesis High-quality, systematic review & meta-analysis
Robotics Imaging guidance
Training for the "new" surgery: simulation
LUTS Urodynamics for male bladder outflow obstruction
Voiding diaries
Andrology Making use of penile cancer networks
Vasectomy reversal effectiveness
Stones Management of lower pole stones >10mm diameter
"Cinderellas" UTI: evidence-based guidance
Scrotal disorders
Chronic pelvic pain
Medical therapy for stent symptoms
Patient communication & education Benefits versus risks
Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs)
Follow-up protocols for prostate cancer