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Guidelines & Publications

NICE Guidelines

Bladder cancer management
(last reviewed Feb 2015)
Enzalutamide for prostate cancer
(last reviewed Jul 2017)
GreenLight laser for BPH
(last reviewed Jun 2016)
Pre-operative routine tests
(last reviewed Apr 2016)
Prostate artery embolisation
(last reviewed Apr 2018)
(last updated Sep 2017)

European Association of Urology (EAU) Guidelines

The EAU produces evidence-based guidelines for the management of both benign and malignant urological conditions. Being guidelines (and not protocols), they are advisory rather than proscriptive.

Extended Guidelines Document (last updated 2016)

In addition, the EAU has released an app containing a "pocket" version of its guidelines. To obtain this app, go to your provider's App Store and search for "EAU Pocket Guidelines".

Download the EAU Thromboprophylaxis Guideline (March 2017) or the  Risk of Thrombosis & Bleeding in Urological Surgery (ROTBUS) Infographic (Nov 2017).


SARS Abstracts

Abstracts of urology papers & posters presented to the annual meeting of The Society of Academic & Research Surgery (SARS) are published each Spring in the British Journal of Surgery.

Click on the documents listed below to download a PDF of the abstracts presented at each meeting:

2012 University of Nottingham Medical School 04 - 05 Jan Posters | Papers
2013 Royal Society of Medicine, London 09 - 10 Jan Posters & Papers
2014 Robinson College, Cambridge 08 - 09 Jan Papers
2015 Durham University 07 - 08 Jan Papers
2016 Royal College of Surgeons of England, London 06 - 07 Jan Papers
2017 Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin 18 - 19 Jan Papers
2018 University of Nottingham Medical School 10 - 11 Jan Papers

There are no articles currently available.