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Consultant numbers

As of April 2021:

  • There were 1,328 Consultant Urological Surgeons in the UK and 63 in the Republic of Ireland;
  • 86.3% of the substantive Consultants in the UK were BAUS members; and
  • 12% of all Consultant Urological Surgeons were female.

The consultant distribution across Great Britain & Ireland (including all substantive appointments, purely private practitioners in urology and 117 locums in England, 6 in Wales and 6 in the Irish Republic) is shown in the graphic below:

Trainees & Associate Urological Specialists

Up-to-date numbers in these posts have proved difficult to obtain with any degree of accuracy. However, we know that:

  • there were 349 Specialist Trainees (i.e. urological surgeons in training) in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and 24 trainee members in the Republic of Ireland;
  • 131 out of 349 (37.5%) of all trainees were female, reflecting the observation that more than 60% of medical students are also female; and 
  • in 2021, there were approximately 229 doctors in Specialty & Associate Specialist (SAS) posts in the UK; about 87 of these urologists are believed to be BAUS members.   

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