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Introduction & Welcome

From the Junior Curator

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the BAUS Virtual Museum of Urology.

My name is Harriet Goddard and I'm the Junior Curator here. Just in case you're wondering, my father, Jonathan Goddard, is a Consultant Urological Surgeon and has been Curator of the BAUS Virtual Museum of Urology since it was established in 2014.

If you click on our names, this will take you to the Museum Reception Desk, where you can see what we both look like and read a little more about us.

In the Junior Curator's room, I'll show you some of the interesting things we have on display.

Any new items or rooms will be showcased here, so keep checking back ... the latest addition is the Stamp Collection.

I first prepared my room as part of an exhibit for "Kids in Museums Takeover Day"

Below is a brief video introducing the BAUS Virtual Museum with some information about recent additions to the exhibits.

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