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1965 London

The 1965 Punch Club meeting was hosted by Walter Mimpriss at St Thomas' Hospiutal (pictured below), London from 25 to 26 February.

The summary programme and details of the presentations given are shown in the tables below:

All members Discussion on X-rays
Mr M Lee Thomas & Mr RW Lloyd Davies Difficulties in diagnosis of renal neoplasms
Mr J Vinnicombe Localisation and treatment of urinary tract infections
Mr KED Shuttleworth Retroperitoneal fibrosis
Mr TW Mimpriss & Mr KED Shutttleworth Two cases of carcinoma of deep urethra
Dr Norman Jones Uses of mannitol in surgery
Mr JG Smart Clinical survey of urinary infections in women

The Punch Club black-tie dinner was held in the Staff Room of St Thomas' Hospital, commencing at 19.45hr

Mr KED Shuttleworth Experiences with the micturating cystogram
Dr Norman Jones Renal polycythaemia
Mr TW Mimpriss & Mr RW Lloyd Davies Diagnosis of carcinoma of prostate and treatment other than hormone therapy
Mr J Vinnicombe The uses and dangers of EACA (epsilon amino-caproic acid)
Mr J Vinnicombe, Dr Norman Jones & Mr RW Lloyd Davies Dialysis in chronic renal failure
All Dscussion on X-rays

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