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Rhazes (Iran)

The Stamps

The stamps were issued in Iran on 27 December 1964 to commemorate the 1100th birthday of Rhazes. In the museum collection we have (below) both the pink 2 Rial and blue 6 Rial stamps.


The Doctor

Abū Bakr Muḥammad ibn Zakariyyāʾal-Rāzī, also known as Rhazes (865 – 925), was born in the city of Rey in Iran. He studied medicine in Baghdad and practised as a doctor in Rey before returning to Baghdad where he was asked to found a hospital.

He wrote extensively, including translations and commentaries on Galen. In later life, he became blind. He died on 27 October 925 also in Rey.

Urology Connections

Rhazes wrote on the pathophysiology of the urinary tract, bladder and kidney stones and on venereal disease.

He gave excellent descriptions of stone symptoms and treatment, including lithotomy.

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