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Jim Macalpine

Described occupational bladder cancer

JB ("Jim") Macalpine was born in Accrington, the son of a wealthy colliery owner.

He was educated in London and Manchester before he started his medical career in Manchester.

After service in the army during the First World War, he settled in Salford Royal Hospital and co-wrote only the second textbook of cystoscopy to be published.

In 1929, he was the first to recognise the contribution of industrial carcinogens in the formation of bladder tumours.

He was a founder member of BAUS and the first recipient of the St Peter's Medal in 1949.

His autograph is sourced from 1947.  For more detailed biographical information, go to his entries in the Famous Urologists' Room or in Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online, using the links below:

Famous Urologists' Room      Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online

Source of the Autograph

This autograph was on an offprint of one of Macalpine's papers given to Denis Poole-Wilson. Both men worked in Manchester, and both were interested in industrial exposure to chemicals causing bladder and kidney cancer. The paper is in the Poole-Wilson collection of documents in the BAUS collection.

The Museum has been unable to source a contemporary image of Jim Macalpine - the image used on this page is said to be of him but we have no way of verifying this.

Email the website editor if you have access to a verified image of Jim MacAlpine

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