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1991 Liverpool

The 1991 Punch Club meeting was hosted by Keith Parsons in Liverpool from 16 to 18 October.

Members were accommodated at St George's Hotel, in the centre of Liverpool, from where they were transported on the evening of 16 October to Keith & Kathy's home in Freshfield for wine and supper.

The first scientific session took place at Liverpool Medical Institution on 17 October. Presentations during this session are listed below;

Mr L Robinson Renal function in pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction in older children
Mr AKM Rickwood The clam cystoplasty for detrusor instability in paediatric patients
Mr KA Woolfenden Radical prostatectomy
Mr EPM Williamson Is ultrasound assessment of prostatic size accurate or reliable?
Mr H Kynaston Bladder wall thickness and residual urine: how good are we at measuring them?
Mr A Inglis Experience with stents
Dr G Lamb Controversies in urological imaging

An afternoon visit was arranged to the new Royal Albert Dock Complex, with members exploring the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Tate Liverpool and all the other amenities just starting to spring up out of the previously disused Albert Docks. Who would have thought that, 20 years after this meeting, these facilities would be boosted by a large entertainment venue (the Echo Arena), several luxury hotels and a first-class conference centre (the ACC Liverpool) that has played host to the BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting on several occasions since 2011.

Royal Albert Dock    Merseyside Maritime Museum     Tate Liverpool

The black-tie Club dinner was held. following a sherry reception, in the Lady Lever Art Gallery (below) at Port Sunlight Village on the Wirral. A private viewing of the gallery was organised before the dinner.

The Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight Village

The gallery holds a unique collection of key paintings by some of the greatest Victorian painters. As well as works by both the early and later Pre-Raphaelites, there is a varied collection of mid and late Victorian masterpieces from artists such as Lord Leighton and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. 

Port Sunlight itself is the village founded by "Soap King", William Hesketh Lever, in 1888. The village was built to house his soap factory workers and is now home, not only to the art gallery, but also to a fascinating museum, beautiful architecture, stunning parkland and a thriving community.

More about Port Sunlight

On 18 October, members were transported to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital for the second scientific session, Presentations given during this session are listed in the table below:

Mr A Cornaby Urinary cytokines in intravesical immunotherapy and interstitial cystitis
Mr H Kynaston Renal blood flow measurement using pertechnetate and MAG3: comparison with radio-labelled microspheres
Mr M Fordham Uroaudit
Mr K Parsons Numismaticodynamics in a urological directorate

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