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Welcome to the Virtual Art Gallery

Mary Garthwaite, Curator and former Consultant Urological Surgeon writes:

March 2022

It is now nearly two and a half years since the inception of the BAUS Virtual Art Gallery. A lot has changed in the world in that time. The everyday lives of our members have become even more challenging and stressful than before. Having a means to escape from our hectic schedules for a few hours, or even a few minutes, is more important than ever. This is your gallery and it's remit remains unchanged. It is here to showcase the artistic talents of BAUS members and to promote the positive effect the arts can have, both on those who create it and on those who take the time to appreciate it. 

Hall 1 displays exhibits of painting, drawing and 2D mixed media. Hall 2 showcases sculpture, pottery and other 3D art forms. Hall 3 is where photography and audiovisual works are located.

Any member of BAUS can submit work to be exhibited at any time (see link below for details). Each body of work to be exhibited can include up to 8 items. Please note the gallery is fully open to public viewing. Work can be displayed under your name or anonymously if preferred.

This gallery is for you. 

Get creating...

Get submitting...

Enjoy it!

Mary Garthwaite, Curator


NOTICE: Keep your cameras at the ready and your eyes and ears open for the launch of the BAUS Photography Competition 2022!

To learn more about how to submit your work, visit the Art Gallery home page (using the link below) and click on the Copyright Advice, and Submitting Your Artwork icons for more detailed information. It is important that you read this advice BEFORE submitting any art work.

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