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Ferdinand C Valentine Medal

Awarded by the New York Academy of Medicine

The Ferdinand C Valentine Medal is awarded by the New York Academy of Medicine to any living person who has made a significant contribution to urology. This one is unnamed and has, therefore, not been awarded.

Ferdinand C Valentine (1851-1909) was born at sea on 22 March 1851. His family were German, but moved to the USA when he was young.

Ferdinand studied medicine at  the MacDowell Medical School in St Louis and graduated in 1876. He travelled to Europe to study the subject of genitourinary disease and urological surgery. He was one of the early pioneers of urology in the USA, a co-founder of the American Urological Association and its third President. He was Professor of Genitourinary Diseases at the New York School of Clinical Medicine.

Valentine also designed an early, widely-used urethroscope

View the Valentine urethroscope on this site

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