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Sir Peter Freyer KCB

Lithotomist & prostatectomist

Sir Peter Freyer was born and educated in Galway, Ireland.

He started his medical career with the army in India where caused a furore by accepting payment from the Nawab of Rampur for his urological services.

He established himself in Harley Streeet as an accomplished transurethral stone surgeon.

Once back in London, he popularised the operation of open (transvesical) prostatectomy.

His autograph was sourced from 1917. For more detailed biographical information, go to his entry in the Famous Urologists' Room, using the link below:

Famous Urologists' Room

Source of the Autograph

This signature is on a reference letter written by Peter Freyer for Albert Clifford Morson. Morson was applying for a job at St Peter's Hospital. The reference was good and Morson got the job. The letter was written during the First World War and Freyer has signed himself Lieutenant Colonel, since he was put in charge of the Brighton Hospital for wounded Indian soliders.

Read Clifford Morson's reference for Peter Freyer

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