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Ellik Evacuator

Still in use today

Milo Ellik was a resident at the University of Iowa under Alcock. He was set the task of improving the design of existing evacuators so they could be used for extracting tissue, as well as stone fragments or prostate chippings (see below right), from the bladder.

The exhibit shown is an original glass Ellik with a red rubber "squeeze" mechanism. Red rubber was, unfortunately, prone to perishing so was replaced in later versions by clear plastic; in the video below, the entire instrument has been manufactured from plastic and is, now, disposable.

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Support Your Theatre Nurses

Filling an Ellik evacuator is a subtle skill, usually mastered only by Theatre nurses and rarely, if ever, by urologists. 

Watch the video (below) to see a demonstration of how an experienced Theatre nurse fills a disposable Ellik evacuator, perfectly and effortlessly, in just a few seconds.

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