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1962 Glasgow

The 1962 Punch Club meeting was hosted in Glasgow by Thomas Chapman.

Glasgow's Doulton fountain (installed in 1890 on Glasgow Green)

This was the first meeting attended by George Harrison (father of Mark, a more recent member & ex-secretary), following his invitation to join the club in 1961. Click here to view his letter of invitation, from Tom Chapman, to join the club (opens in a new browser window).

A list of members, referred to in the letter above, is shown below:

Thomas Chapman (Glasgow) Jerry Fergusson (London) Henry Hamilton-Stewart (Bradford)
George Harrison (Derby) Tom Lane (Dublin) Walter Mimpriss (London)
Thomas Moore (Manchester) Ronald Reid (Colchester) Joey Robinson (London)
Cosbie Ross (Liverpool) John Swinney (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) David Innes Williams (London)
Unfortunately, we have no record of the scientific programme for this meeting

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