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David Band

An original, founder member of the Council of BAUS

David Band was an original member of the Council of the British Association of Urological Surgeons in 1945. He lived and worked in Edinburgh. He was born in that city in 1901 and qualified in medicine from its university in 1923.

He was President in 1960 and was awarded the St Peter’s Medal in 1962. He was President of the Section of Urology of the Royal Society of Medicine in 1955 and was twice appointed a reporter at the International Society of Urology, in 1949 and again in 1958. Band succeeded Winsbury-White as Editor of the British Journal of Urology in 1949 and continued until 1966.

His lifelong interest in urology began when he worked with Sir Henry Wade. He took an interest in the cases of renal tuberculosis at the East Fortune Hospital & Sanatorium in the 1950’s.

He was described as a rather spectacular character who drove an elegant Rolls Royce but Sir Eric Riches said he was modest but forthright in his views; his comments in a discussion were apt, original and important.

He retired in 1966 to Legaid, Argyll where he died on 6 April 1988.

Papers and articles about David Band

A Tribute on His Retirement
David Band retired from urological practice in 1966 and relinquished his position as Editor of the British Journal of Urology.
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Download his obituary published in the British Journal of Urology

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