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2004 Vienna

The 2004 Punch Club took place in Vienna on 16 & 17 September, organised by Mark & Liz Harrison, together with local arrangements by Professor Michael Marberger and his team.

A panoramic view of the city of Vienna with the woods in the distance

Members of the club were treated to presentations by the staff of the Medical Clinic of Vienna, overseen by Prof Marberger. In addition, small-group tours around the hospital campus were arranged to watch operative procedures and interventional radiology - some viewed procedures such as percutaneous high-frequency needle ablation of renal cancer under CT control, others attended surgical sessions.

Click here to view a programme of events during the visit.

An informal club dinner, to which the local urology staff were invited, took place in a beer garden in the Vienna Woods.

Mark & Liz Harrison in the iconic Sacher restaurant, home of the famous sachertorte, studying the menu

For the remainder of the visit, members and their partners were left to their own devices to explore the historic city of Vienna. Some took the opportuniy to visit the famous Lippitzer stallions, while others opted for art gallery, museum, Royal Palace, gold collection or river tours. Some (above) even opted to explore the culinary delicacies of Vienna.

In the evenings, some members enjoyed a quiet meal out with friends, whilst others booked for the renowned Viennese Opera, or for a more glitzy Mozart concert (performed by musicians in period dress playing period instruments).

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