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2003 Worthing

The 2003 Punch Club meeting was hosted by Ralph Beard in Worthing from 8 - 10 October.

Worthing pier

The presentations during the scientific sessions are shown in the table below. Unfortunately, there is no record of the accompanying persons' programme or the Club outing on the first afternoon.

THURSDAY 9 OCTOBER (Worthing Hospital Postgraduate Centre)
Jonathan Glass Symbionix trainer - the Guy's experience (live demonstration and hands-on assessment)
Simon Woodham From Bermondsey to Brisbane: extended training with a fellowship year
Ralph Beard TRUS biopies: outcomes in 1100 cases
Waleed Al Singary TVT: a single surgeon's experience
FRIDAY 10 OCTOBER (Worthing Hospital Postgraduate Centre)
Jonathan Eaton Bone density in LHRH suppression
Tom Liston Starting laparoscopy in a DGH
James English The surgical management of endometriosis
Krishna Singh Techniques and pitfalls in laparoscopic surgery
Peter Rimington Laparoscopic cystectomy: how I do it

The Club dinner was held at Parham House, West Sussex. The menu is shown below (click the image for a full-screen version):

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