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2007 Birmingham

The 2007 Punch Club meeting was hosted by Mike Wallace in Birmingham from 3 to 5 October.

Members and their partners were accommodated at the Birmingham Malmaison Hotel.

The canals of Birmingham adjacent to the International Convention Centre

Unfortunately, there are no records of the social events or the venue for the Club dinner at this meeting, but the presentations during the scientific sessions are listed in the table below:

Michael Cullen Science & art: progress in Stage I testis cancer illustrated with the work of David Cox (1783 to 1859)
Zaki Almallah Male slings
Andy Arnold The hospital at night and beyond
Mary Kirkham Bridge over troubled waters
Richard Viney Development of gene therapy for prostate cancer
Rupesh Bhatt How far to go for a fellowship?
Morag Jackson Building the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Kesavapillai Subramonian & Jorg Zeif The learning curve and what we can do about it
Bob Guest Virtual environments and surgical training: what have we really achieved?
Alan Doherty What price to pay for erectile preservation?
Maurice Zeegers Epidemiology of urological cancers in China
Carolyn Langford Managing the bladder cancer prognosis programme
Rik Bryan Fluid balance in the driving seat

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