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Richard A Mogg


1911 - 1980

Richard Arthur Mogg was born on 2 September 1911 in Cardiff. He trained at the Welsh National School of Medicine qualifying in 1935 with a handful of prizes. He was awarded his FRCS in 1940.

During the Second World War Mogg was a Surgeon in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. He served as a urological specialist abroad and on the home front. In 1945 he was awarded the Volunteer Reserve Decoration (VRD).

In 1946 he became a Consultant Urologist in the United Cardiff Hospitals founding the Urology Department at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary. He also was consultant to the East Glamorgan Hospital, the Brecon Hospital and the Royal Hamadryad Hospital.

Mogg’s research interest was in the use of the colon for urinary diversion. He was a great supporter of urology as a separate speciality, at that time still not universally accepted.  He was President of BAUS in 1974 and also President of the Urology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. In 1977 he was made a Knight of the Order of St Sylvester, a Papal Knighthood. Mr Mogg died on 13 June 1980 at the Cardiff Royal Infirmary.

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