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Mr Richard Turner Warwick

By Unknown - Metropolitan Museum of Art, Public Domain, living witness programme aims to record the recollections and experiences of pioneering clinicians who have helped to shape the practice of modern urology.

These clinicians have been interviewed by Dominic Hodgson as part of a journal series called "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants". Their recollections have been recorded here for the education and enjoyment of contemporary (and future) urologists.

So far, three other key urological figures, sadly all of whom are no loinger with us, have been interviewed. Read their interactions using the links below:

John Blandy    John Wickham    David Innes Williams

Richard Turner Warwick

Richard Turner Warwick studied in Oxford and at the Institute of Urology London.

He was a pioneer of functional urology and urodynamics.

He designed surgical instruments still in use, and excelled in the field of reconstructive urology.

Hear RTW talk about making his own instruments

Richard Turner Warwick died on 15 September 2020.

Read his obituary on this website

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