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Baron Dominique Larrey (France)

The Stamp

This 25 centimes stamp is French and was issued on 14 December 1964. It was issued alongside a stamp of Baron Jean Nicolas Covisart, Napoleon’s physician.

Like many of the French stamps in our collection, it was a charity stamp for the Red Cross.

The Doctor

Baron Dominique Jean Larrey (1766 - 1842) was born in the village of Beaudéan, in the French Pyrenees. He was raised by his uncle, Alexis, who was chief surgeon in Toulouse.

He trained at the Hotel Dieu in Paris under Desault. He started as a surgeon in Napoleon’s navy and then moved into the army. He pioneered the field ambulance and military triage.

He was created a Baron in the field in 1809.

Urology Connections

He noted haematuria in some men when Napoleon’s army was in Egypt, probably caused by schistosomiasism (bilharzia).

He wrote extensively on urological conditions within his books, including battlefield trauma of the genitourinary system.

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