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1990 Leicester

The 1990 Punch Club meeting was hosted in Leicester by Gordon Smart. Club policy at the time was that partners/spouses were not invited to the meetings.

On Wednesday 7 November, club members were transported to Alford House, Wymeswold (chez Smart) for an informal evening meal, following which they returned to the Grand Hotel, Leicester.

Presentations commenced at Leicester General Hospital on 8 November and continued on the morning of 9 November. Click here to download the full meeting programme - details of the speakers and their presentations are shown below:

Nicholas London, Lecturer in the Professorial Surgical Unit, Leicester The staging of renal carcinoma by contrast enhanced CT: a comparison of three techniques
Sukbhir Ubhi, Research Fellow in Surgery, Leicester Immunotherapy in cancer with special reference to the kidney
Timothy Terry, Consultant Urologist, Leicester Surgery for a penetrating problem
Graeme Cooksey, Senior Registrar in Urology, Leicester The management of impotence with a vacuum tumescence device
Davinder Sandhu, Senior Registrar in Urology, Nottingham/Derby The pathophysiology of the vas deferens
Dietmar Konig, Research Assistant, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Cologne Medical school and surgical training in Germany - can life be even more difficult for German junior doctors over there?
Michael Kelly, Consultant General Surgeon, Leicester First-rate use for a second-hand resectoscope
Ali Majeed, Research Associate, Professorial Surgical Unit, Leicester The potential for percutaneous cholecystolithotomy
Mark Castleden, Professor, Care of the Elderly, University of Leicester The effects of prostatectomy on urological symptoms
David Osborn, Consultant Urologist, Leicester Interesting trauma cases

On the afternoon of 8 November, members were treated to a private, guided tour of Belvoir Castle.

Belvoir Castle

The Club dinner was held in The Old Mill, Cossington. It is no longer a restaurant. but the link (left) provides a pictorial record (from the Leicester Mercury) of the restaurant before it closed.

If anyone has photos or any other information about this meeting which
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