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St Ursula (Virgin Islands)

The Stamp

This stamp was issued from 1899 onwards in the Virgin Islands.

The Subject

According to legend, Saint Ursula, was a Romano-British princess who originated from Cornwall.

Whilst on a pilgrimage to Rome, she and her virgin attendants who numbered from one to 11,000 (depending on which source you read) were attacked and murdered by Huns near Cologne. 

The Urology Connection

She has become the Patron Saint of women, girls and, in particular, virgins.

The Virgin Islands were named after her, because Columbus first discovered them in 1493 on 21 October - her Saint’s Day.

The womenfolk of medieval Venice, it is said, prayed to St Ursula if they feared their husbands were being unfaithful. They believed that she would render impotent any man who strayed!

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