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1958 International Congress of Urological Films Medal

Held in Brussels

Bronze medal by Georges André Brunet (1902-1986), a Belgian sculptor and medallist.

Obverse shows two cine cameras filming a pyelogram, with a roll of film beneath. Above is the legend, “Congress International du film urologique. Bruxelles. 1958

Reverse shows a lovely image of an open renal procedure. The kidney had been mobilised, the surgeon’s and assisitant’s hands are seen, as are the towel clips. The surgeon is passing a malecot catheter into the kidney whilst the assistant stabilises the kidney and holds the loin wound open with a retractor.

The International Congress of Urological Films was held in Brussels from 18 to 25 June 1958. This appears to have been a stand-alone meeting; the SIU that year was in Stockholm, so it was not associated with that. However, the World’s Fair was held in Brussels in 1958, from April to October, and this meeting could have been associated with that.

A film prepared by Mr David Innes Williams (pictured below), Dr D Edwards and the Film Unit of the Institute of Urology (University of London), entitled ‘‘Congenital Obstruction of the Bladder Neck and Megaureter” was awarded a silver medal. 

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