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St Peter (GB)

The Stamp

The stamp was issued in Great Britain in 2003. Althought it was part of a series of stamps showing great British pub signs, it shows St Peter and his emblem of crossed keys, The keys, of course, feature in the Arms of BAUS and are also strongly associated with the city of York.

The Subject

Peter, whose original name was Simon, was re-named Peter from the Latin petrus, or stone, by Jesus who said he was the "rock" on which the Christian Church was built. He was one of Christ’s Apostles and traditionally, has always been regarded as the first Pope.

Urology Connections

The first urological hospital, established in 1860, was re-named St Peter’s in 1863. St Peter is said to hold the keys to the gates of Heaven, and these keys form part of the Arms of BAUS (on the top left of this page).*

* Anyone who worked at St Paul's Hospital in London (one of the specialist hospitals which made up "The Three Ps") will also know "The Cross Keys" as a public house on Endell Street, appropriately positioned opposite the hospital.
It was often frequented by the late Bobby Moore, former England football captain and 1966 World Cup winner. Ed.

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