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Ambroise Paré (Hungary)

The stamp

This stamp was issued in Hungary in 1987 as part of a set depicting famous doctors. The design is by the Hungarian illustrator János Kass (1927 - 2010). It has a face value of four forint.

The doctor

Ambroise Paré was born around 1510, and was a French barber-surgeon 

He is considered one of the fathers of modern surgery due to his novel thoughts and pioneering techniques, particularly in battlefield surgery and the care of wounds.

He was surgeon to four French kings; Henry II, Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III. 

The urology connections

In urology, he devised early versions of instruments for the treatment of urethral stricture, and may have developed instruments for removing stones.

He also described a device to help men to pass urine following penile amputation.

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