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1969 Bradford

The 1969 Punch Club meeting (13 to 14 March) was hosted by Henry Hamilton Stewart in Bradford.

The city centre of industrial Bradford

The presentations given are shown in the tables below:

THURSDAY 13 MARCH (Bradford Royal Infirmary)
Mr R Carruthers, Senior Urological Registrar Acute renal failure
Dr RJ Carr, Consultant Radiologist Urological X-rays. Demonsration & discussion.
** Dr HS Kellett, Consultant Pathologist Tumours of the testicle
Mr H Hamilton Stewart, Consultant Urologist Discussion on operative procedures with illustrations;
Deomnstration on the uses of the prostatoscope;
Sterile water apparatus for irrigation purposes for theatre & rooms
** Dr HS Kellett is the father of Dr Mike Kellett, former Consultant Radiologist at St Peter's Hospitals, London

After cocktails at Shaftesbury House, Chellow Dean, the black-tie Club dinner was held at the Victoria Hotel, Bridge Street, Bradford. During the dinner, the Punch Club shield, with armorial bearings and letter stamp, was formally presented to the Club. This shield has became a permanent feature of all subsequent Punch Club meetings ... it rests on a stand at the front of the auditorium throughout the clinical sessions.

FRIDAY 14 MARCH (University of Bradford)
Dr RL Turner, Consultant Pathologist The biological clock
All Demonstrations in various University departments

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