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St Benedict (Germany)

The Stamp

The stamp was issued on 10th July 1980 in Germany on the 1500th anniversary of his birth.

The Subject

Saint Benedict of Nursia (c.480 - c.547) was said to have been born into a noble Roman family, but left the vices of Rome to become a hermit.

He later founded several monasteries, including the famous Monte Cassino. He wrote the famous "Rule of St Benedict" in 516, describing how monks should live.

Urology Connections

St Benedict is a patron saint of kidney disease, although some sources quote Saint Margaret of Antioch as the patron saint. It is not clear why Benedict has been associated with kidney disease.

Legend says that Henry II of Bavaria came to Monte Cassino to be cured of bladder stones.

Benedict died of a fever at Monte Cassino ... maybe he had pyelonephritis or pyonephrosis.

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