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1987 Southampton

The 1987 Punch Club meeting was hosted by Chris Smart in Southampton.

Members were accommodated in Careys Manor Hotel, in the New Forest, for the duration of the meeting.

The scientific meettings were held in the Postgraduate Centre at Southampton General Hospital, with numerous short presentations. No information is available at the moment about the details of presentations.

Following the first scientific session, members were given the opportunity to visit the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu (see below):

More about the National Motor Museum

Bluebird Proteus-CN7 at the National Motor Museum

The first car to (officially) set a Land Speed Record in excess of 400mph and the last to be wheel-driven, Bluebird CN7 was one of a long line of speed machines associated with the Campbell family. Donald Campbell set the record of 403.10mph in early 1964, but jet-powered vehicles were then allowed to contest the land speed record ... by the end of 1964, the record had been broken a further five times and was 133mph faster. 

The outright record, set in October 1997, has now advanced to 763.035 mph (1227.985 km/h) ... that is faster than the speed of sound (at Mach 1.016).

The Club dinner was held on the second evening at Careys Manor Hotel.

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