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1984 Derby

The 1984 Punch Club meeting was hosted by George Harrison in Derby. This was the second meeting hosted by George - his first being in 1966 - and it marked his withdrawal from the Club.

The tradition at that time was that members who retired would host a "leaver's" Club meeting - George was also relinquishing the office of Honorary Secretary of the Punch Club.

Members were accommodated in the Midland Hotel, Derby. The scientific sessions took place in the Postgraduate Centre of Derbyshire Royal Infirmary - titles of the presentations are shown in the tables below:

Richard Rees Renal tuberculosis
John Harrop Primary hyperparathyroidism: a changing scene
Peter Wenham Rejection suppressed, immunity preserved: a new approach to renal transplantation
David Thomas Personal experience with the artificial urinary sphincter
Ken Munson Ureteroscopy? Any problem?
George Harrison The Punch Club

On the afternoon of Thursday 1 November, members were transported to the Bass Museum of Brewing (pictured below), followed by a tour of the Bass brewery itself.

The National Brewery Centre, Burton-on-Trent - formerly the Bass Museum of Brewing

The black-tie Club dinner took place in the dining room of the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, following a reception in Council House courtesy of the Mayor of Derby.

Peter Harris "Other faces, other places": an anaesthetist's view of surgery in Germany
Geoffrey Cohen Changes in acute renal failure
Ken Girling, Regional Postgraduate Dean The careers conundrum
Robert Sutton Fastidious bacteriuria in patients undergoing cystoscopy
All Members' cases

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