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BAUS 1986 London

The 1986 BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting took place from 16 to 20 June 1986 at the Cafe Royal, Air Street, London (pictured).

Meeting Programme

The programme for the meeting is not currently available.

Other Information

This was a joint meeting with the Canadian Urological Association. During the meeting, CUA President Grant Farrow presented BAUS President, Professor John Blandy, with the Canadian mallet (or gavel) currently on "virtual" display in the History of BAUS Room.

At the Annual Dinner, the President presented the St Peter’s Medal to Norman Gibbon, after a citation given by Keith Parsons.

Whilst the iconic meeting venue was much appreciated by our Canadian co-hosts, it was not ideally suited to a conference as complex as the BAUS meeting so the Cafe Royal has not, as a result, been used again by BAUS.

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