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The British Journal of Urology

Flagship of BAUS

The British Journal of Urology (BJU) was founded in 1929.

The first Editors were Horace Winsbury-White and Frank Kidd, of St Paul's Hospital.

The journal was set up partly as the result of the Council of the Royal Society of Medicine agreeing to establish a separate "Section of Urology" (thereby recognising urology as an important specialty in its own right), and partly because several specialist urology journals were already being published in America, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Kidd & Winsbury White wrote a letter (pictured right) to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), on 19 February 1929, to announce the launch of the British Journal of Urology, and to thank the BMJ for its role in publishing articles about urology up to that point.

The first issue carried a message of goodwill from Edwin Hurry Fenwick.

It was not until 1949, four years after the foundation of BAUS, that the BJU was adopted as the official "organ" of BAUS.

Initially, the journal was published quarterly but, with the passing of time, this interval increased to every two months and is now monthly, with the frequent addition of special issues and supplements.

To enhance its international recognition, the journal was renamed The British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) in 1999. In 2017-18, the journal had an impact factor of 4.688, ranking it in the top ten journals in the category "Urology & Nephrology".

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