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The Kidneys (Greece)

The stamp

This stamp was issued in Greece in 1981 to commemorate the 8th International Nephrology Conference. It shows the anatomy of the kidneys. It was part of a series of stamps commemorating anniversaries and events that year.

The subject

The stamp shows the blood supply of the kidneys, the renal arteries, arising from the aorta (shown in red) behind the renal veins draining into the vena cava (blue). The ureters draining the urine from the kidneys run down, crossing in front of the iliac vessels, and heading down towards the bladder (not shown).

Urology Connections

The 8th International Congress of Nephrology was held in Athens from 7t to 12 June 1981, and was attended by 3000 delegates.

Nephrologists deal with medical diseases of the kidneys and often work closely with urologists.

Whilst urologists tend to deal with surgical diseases of the kidneys including stones, cancers and developmental abnormalities, some urologists assist with renal transplantation, and perform vascular or peritoneal access procedures for patients with chronic renal failure.

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