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1966 Derby

The 1966 Punch Club meeting was hosted by George Harrison in Derby.

A 1966 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2 convertible - an iconic car built in Derby

Members were accommodated at the Midland Hotel, Derby. The scientific presentations took place at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary and are listed in the table below. The black-tie Club dinner on the Monday evening was held in the dining room of tthe Midland Hotel, Derby.

All Discussion & X-rays (in the Radiology Dept)
Dr HL Matthews Hypertension: aldosterone & the kidney
All Case discussions
Mr DFL Watkin Clinical trial with local EACA
Mr JL Williams & Mr BS Crawford Urethral strictures
All ** Live surgery in adjoining operating theatres (parathyroidectomy, ureterolithotomy, prostate surgery & cystoscopy)
Local surgeons & anaesthetists Demonstration of cases (in the Intensive Care Unit)
Dr BM Laurance The haemolytic uraemic syndrome
Dr KJ Gurling Practical aspects of magnesium metabolism
Mr FG Hollands Recent advances in the study of bird migration and the use of radar
** This is thought to be the last time a Punch Club meeting in the UK involved members watching surgery in the OR

Club members in 1966

The full list of members (and their places of work) is shown below:

Martin Claridge (Canterbury)
Philip Clark (Leeds)
Jerry Fergusson (London)
George Harrison (Derby)
David Innes-Williams (London)
John MacDougall (Wolverhampton)
Walter Mimpriss (London)
Tommy Moore (Manchester)
Ronnie Reid (Colchester)
Joey Robinson (London)
Cosbie Ross (Liverpool)
Richard Shaw (Coventry)
Henry Hamilton Stewart (Bradford)
John Swinney (Newcastle)
John Vinnicombe (Portsmouth)

To the right is a contemporary photo - taken at the 1967 meeting of the Société Internationale d'Urologie (SIU) in Munich - of Tommy Moore (L) and George Harrison (R).

Mark Harrison (George's son, like his father before him, a former Honorary Secretary of the Punch Club) has pointed out that, although his father is seen smoking a cigarette in this photo, he gave up the habit the following year ! 


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