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Ronald Ogier Ward DSO OBE MC

First President of BAUS

Ronald Ogier Ward was born in London into a prestigious medical family.

He joined the army as a medical student and served with distinction during the First World War, winning a Military Cross and the Distinguished Service Order.

He worked at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London and St Peter's Hospital until the Second World War, when he commanded a surgical unit in France; he received an OBE for his service at the Dunkirk evacuation. Click here to view Ronald Ogier Ward's medals.

He was an advisor to HM Government during the introduction of the new National Health Service, and became the driving force behind the formation of BAUS; in 1945, he became the inaugural President of BAUS.

His signature was sourced in 1945. For more detailed biographical information, go to Ronald Ogier Ward's entry in the Famous Urologists' Room or his entry in Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online.

Source of the Autograph

Ronald Ogier Ward's autograph was sourced from the official photograph taken on his election to President of BAUS in 1945. The source remains in the archive at the BAUS Offices in the Royal College of Surgeons.

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