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2016 Middlesbro'

The 2016 meeting took place in Middlesbrough, hosted by Janet Whiteway from 5 to 7 October.

Members and their partners were accommodated in Jurys Inn Hotel, close to the Teesside docks. On the evening of 5 October, they were transported to Janet's home where they were wined and dined, enjoying Janet's own culinary creations.

The accompanying persons were transported to Preston Park Museum & Grounds for a morning of explorations whilst members attended the fdirst scientific session on the Kilburn Room at the hotel. The presentations given at this session are shown in the table below:

THURSDAY 6 OCTOBER (Kilburn Room, Jurys Inn Hotel)
Janet Whiteway, Consultant Urological Surgeon, James Cook Universtiy Hospital, Middlesbrough A bit about Middlesbrough
Graham Philips, Consultant Gynaecologist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough Is endometriosis a urological disease?
Geoff Naisby, Consultant Uro-Radiologist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough Hello, I'm a radiologist, can I help?
Chris Harding, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne Non-invasive urodynamics
Aftab Bhatti, Consultant Urological DSurgeon James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough & Visiting Professor, UCLA Lessons learned from the masterclasses

After the scientific session, members were also transported to Preston Park (pictured below) to join up with their partners for lunch. After lunch, everyone present was encouraged to participate in a session where couples attempted to learn a few simple tango steps. This required them to complete a medical exemption statement (!), possess a certain amount of determination and display a talent for not tripping over their own (or other people's) feet. At the end of the training session, Jim & Charlotte Adshead were deemed to have best demonstrated all these requirements, and deservedly became the proud recipients of the "Tango Cup".

A few photos of this event are displayed below. They also show a few images from the first scientific session, and members with guests & partners enjoying an outstanding dinner with entertainment from a professional harpist at Middlesbrough FC's Riverside Stadium. After tthe dinner, all sttendees were escorted on a guided tour of the stadium, including the changing rooms (immaculate & tidily equipped for the home team - basic & scruffy for the away team), board rooms, gymnasium, press centre (where some participants reheqrsed their "game of two halves" or "sick as a parrot" speeches) and the cherished pitch itself.

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The scientific session on 7 October included the following presentations:

FRIDAY 7 OCTOBER (Kilburn Room, Jurys Inn Hotel)
David Chadwick, Consultant Urological Surgeon, James Cook Universtiy Hospital, Middlesbrough Urology on Teesside over 20 years: up the Boro!
Tony Unsworth, Emeritus Professor of Engineering, Durham University Engineering the human body: go with the flow!
Nicola Storey, Consultant Oncologist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough IMRT: Middlesbrough radiotherapy triumph
Clive Peedell, Consultant Oncologist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough & Parliamentary candidate for Witney The politics of NHS reform
All (led by Jeremy Noble) A tribute to the late Michael Corcoran (click here for a condolence card in the record of Michael Corcoran's 2005 Punch Club meeting in Galway)

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