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Urology News Articles

Articles on the history of urology

The Editor of Urology News has kindly allowed us to store copies of the published "History of Urology" Articles in the Library of the BAUS Virtual Museum

All the articles are in Adobe Acrobat® (PDF) format, and open in a new browser window. Most computers can open these files automatically. If the articles fail to open, you will need to download the free version of Acrobat Reader™ specific to your computer, by clicking here.

History of BAUS Book by John Blandy
Nov/Dec 2011The BAUS Museum

Sir Henry Thompson
Jan/Feb 2012
Sir Henry Thompson

Hamilton Irvine box (edited)
Mar/Apr 2012Hamilton Irvine Box

Sir Peter Freyer
May/Jun 2012
Sir Peter Freyer

Carbolic Spray
Jul/Aug 2012
Lord Lister

Prostate removed by Freyer
Sep/Oct 2012
Open Prostatectomy

Francois Lapeyronie
Nov/Dec 2012
Peyronie's Disease

Joseph Charriere
Jan/Feb 2013
Joseph Charrière

Karl Storz`
Mar/Apr 2013

Hopkins & Karl Storz

Harold Hopkins
May/Jun 2013
Harold Hopkins

Balds Leechbook
Jul/Aug 2013
Anglo-Saxon Urology

Joanna Stephens Recipe
Sep/Oct 2013
Joanna Stephens

Edwin Hurry Fenwick
Nov/Dec 2013
Hurry Fenwick

The Celsian Approach
Jan/Feb 2014
Cutting for the Stone

Apparatus Major
Mar/Apr 2014
Cutting on the Staff

William Cheselden
May/Jun 2014
Lateral Lithotomy

Jul/Aug 2014The High Operation

Sep/Oct 2014

Nov/Dec 2014
Edwin Canny Ryall

Stern McCarthy Resectoscope
Jan/Feb 2015

Mar/Apr 2015The Prostatic Punch

May/Jun 2015
C17th Stonecutters

Jul/Aug 2015Goddard's Droppes

Sep/Oct 2015Flexible Cystoscopy

Nov/Dec 2015
Who was Zoon?

Jan/Feb 2016
Spencer Wells

Mar/Apr 2016
Roman Urology

May/Jun 2016
Bladder Pain

Jul/Aug 2016An Endoscopic Seance

Sep/Oct 2016

Nov/Dec 2016Millin Resectoscope

Jan/Feb 2017The Aero-Urethroscope

Mar/Apr 2017

Jul/Aug 2017

Occupational TCC

Sep/Oct 2017


Nov/Dec 2017


Jan/Feb 2018
Henry Morris

Mar/Apr 2018
Riches' Cystoscope

Jul/Aug 2018
Moving Pictures

Nov/Dec 2018
Charles Dickens

Sep/Oct 2018
The Lost Bodkin

Mar/Apr 2019
Henry Thompson

Jul/Aug 2019
William Harvey

Sep/Oct 2019
Early Radiology

Nov/Dec 2019
The Running Gleet

Jan/Feb 2020
Body Snatchers

Mar/Apr 2020
The Blue Pill

May/Jun 2020
Rise of a Specialty

Jul/Aug 2020
All Greek

Sep/Oct 2020
Monkey Glands

Nov/Dec 2020
22 Weymouth Street

Jan/Feb 2021
Geoffrey Parker

May/Jun 2021
Saints preserve Us!

Jul/Aug 2021
Artists in Urology

Nov/Dec 2021

The Urologist's Tale

Jan/Feb 2022

Pioneering Women

Mar/Apr 2022
Urologist in The House!

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