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1998 Derby

The 1998 Punch Club meeting was hosted by Ken Munson in Derby.

Members and their guests were accommodated at Breadsall Priory (pictured below right) ** see below during the meeting. On the evening of Wednesday 4 November, coach transport was arranged to the Old Farm chez Munson for a "Fork Supper" before returning to the hotel by coach at 23.00hr.

Breadsall PrioryAt some stage during the meeting, some participants took the opportunity to avail themselves of the challenging golfing facilities available at Breadsall Priory.

(** click the image of Breadsall Priory for copyright attribution & image credit)

An accompanying persons' programme was organised by Evelyn Munson during the first scientific session. This started at Derby Museum with a lecture on Joseph Wright by Jane Wallis, Keeper of Fine Arts, followed by a short walk to Bennetts for coffee, and then lunch at the European Restaurant, opposite the cathedral.

Both scientific sessions took place at Derby City General Hospital and the presentations are listed in the tables below - click here to view a printed version of the full scientific programme. 

Chris Chilton, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Derby City General Hospital The theory and urological applications of the Holmium laser
Gillian Turner, Consultant Radiologist, Derby City General Hospital The modern application of helical CT
Chong Beng Chua, SpR in Urology, Derby City General Hospital Smooth muscle cell culture, the way forward in detrusor research
Mike Henley, SpR in Urology, Notttingham/Derby Deanery Rotation Computer clinical simulation in the assessment of clinical competence
Roger Kunkler, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Northampton General Hospital Urology - a horticultural perspective

Following these presentations, members and their partners visited the Rolls Royce Aero Engine factory in Derby where they were shown several isonic engines, and witnessed a full, ground-based test of the (then) brand-new engine for the Boeing 777 "Dreamliner".

The exhaust and inlet of this engine are massive and, before the engine is started, a ferociously-loud siren had to be sounded to prevent birds from being sucked into it - thuse preventing terminal damage to the birds and (more importantly) the engne!

It was also made clear by our guide that, during the manufacture of all Rolls Royce aero engines, every component is labelled with details of the three employees who manufactured, installed and checked that component. In the event of a subsequent aviation disaster, it would then be possible to assess responsiblity if manufacture or installation were found to be at fault ...

The black-tie, club dinner took place at Risley Hall (pictured below) on the evening of 5 November.

Risley Hall

On 6 November, the accompanying persons were transported to the Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company where they enjoyed a video and demonstration, followed by a factory tour. The second scientific session included the following presentations:

John Williams, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Derby City General Hospital The trials and tribulations of a "One-stop Haematuria Clinic"
Richard Fluck, Consultant Nephrologist, Derby City General Hospital A nephrologist's view of haematuria
Pat Smith, Continence Adviser, Derby City General Hospital The initial outcomes following the setting up of a Continence Adviser Clinic
Simon Fulford, SpR in Urology, Derby City General Hospital Investigations into the urge symptoms related to stress incontinence and the surgical treatment
All - led (as always) by Wyndham Lloyd Davies Members' cases

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