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2000 Edinburgh

The 2000 Punch Club meeting was hosted by David Tolley in Edinburgh from 11 to 13 October.

On the first evening, members and their partners were transported by coach to supper chez Tolley. This is a small farm in the countryside outside Edinburgh, accessed by some very narrow roads. As the coach struggled through the narrow lanes, some of the locals became perturbed by its presence after dark, resulting in a summoning of police vehicles, to ensure that we meant no harm (!) and also to help with planning an access route.

Click here to view the presentations during the two scientific sessions at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

Arthur's seat "guarding" the city of Edinburgh

The black-tie Club dinner was held in the New Club on Princes Street, Edinburgh. With a very small, unprepossessing entrance but with spectacular rooms above street level inside, members, partners and their guests were piped to a drinks reception on the balcony overlooking the city & its castle. There followed a splendid meal with a distinctive Scots character.

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