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RHOB Robinson

Founder member of BAUS

RHOB ("Joey") Robinson was born and raised in Wimpole Street London where his parents lived; his father was a surgeon at St Thomas's Hospital.

His medical training commenced at King's College Cambridge and continued in St Thomas's Hospital London.

After qualifying, he joined the staff at St Thomas's as a general surgeon but soon began to concentrate on urology which was a developing specialty; he was a methodical, careful surgeon, in contrast to the "speed merchants" who dominated surgery in those days.

He was an avid supporter of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and held a number of appointment in the College; he was elected President of BAUS in 1955.

His autograph was sourced from 1955. For more detailed biographical information, go to his entries in the Famous Urologists' Room or in Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online, using the links below:

Famous Urologists' Room      Plarr's Lives of the Fellows Online

Source of the Autograph

RHOB Robinson's autograph was sourced from the official photograph taken on his election to President of BAUS in 1955. The source remains in the archive at the BAUS Offices in the Royal College of Surgeons.

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