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BAUS 2000 Birmingham

The 2000 BAUS Annual Scientific Meeting took place from 19 to 23 June 2000 at The International Convention Centre Birmingham (pictured), Broad Street, Birmingham.

President's Welcome

BAUS President, Mr Fletcher Deane, offered the following welcome to members and guests attending the 2000 meeting:

... On behalf of the Council of the British Association of Urological Surgeons it is my pleasure to invite you to our Annual Scientific Meeting to be held in Birmingham at the International Conference Centre from 19 to 23 June 2000.

The conference last year in Glasgow introduced several new elements and these have been refined and revised by our programme committee along with some further innovations. We have three keynote guest speakers who should not be missed, including a lecture by the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Liam Donaldson. The Office of Education, in addition to its successful Teaching Courses, has come up with an excellent range of topics and stimulating speakers for its Monday and Friday sessions.

Each year we are learning more about delivering up‐to‐date science and clinical information and the attractive setting and facilities in the International Conference Centre in Birmingham will enhance the atmosphere of the Meeting.

Our colleagues from the pharmaceutical and equipment companies have, once again, supported this meeting with their generosity and the sponsored satellite sessions will have exciting invited speakers from home and abroad to both educate and entertain.

On an annual basis I marvel at the progression of our Scientific Meeting and looking at the programme inside I am sure that you will not be disappointed ..."

Meeting Abstracts

Abstracts are only available for the "Bladder Dysfunction" session: click here to download the abstracts.

Other Information

Although the venue in central Birmingham was ideally situated and well-suited to the requirements of BAUS, it proved less popular with exhibitors and was not used again until 2022.

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