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Xavier Bichat (France)

The Stamp

This stamp was issued in France in 1959. It was a Red Cross Charity Stamp; a 30Fr stamp which cost 40F to buy and 10F went to the Red Cross.

The Doctor

Marie-Francois Xavier Bichat (1771 - 1802) was born in La Thoirette-en-Bresse, France.  He was a pupil of Pierre Desault, a surgeon, anatomist and proto-urologist at the Hotel Dieu in Paris.

Bichat was the first to distinguish between organs and tissues and is known as the father of modern histology.

The Urology Connection

Although not directly connected to urology, his theories allowed the development of modern medicine.

Diseases could be seen as abnormalities in individual tissues. This provided the link between the 18th-century theory of diseases of organs, and cellular pathology of the later 19th-century.

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