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A History of 'world war' in Urology:

Ronald Ogier Ward

1886 - 1971

Highly-decorated soldier and first President of BAUS

Edwin Hurry Fenwick

1856 - 1944

One of the earliest adopters of the cystoscope

John Swift Joly

1876 - 1944

Irish-born surgeon with lifelong interest in stones

Clifford Morson

1881 - 1975

Pioneered radiotherapy for cancer of the urinary tract

Walter Galbraith

1889 - 1960

Adviser on the development of the NHS

Horace Winsbury-White

1889 - 1962

Co-founder of the British Journal of Urology

Cuthbert Dukes

1890 - 1976

Known for his classification of cancer of the rectum

RHOB ("Joey") Robinson

1896 - 1973

A founder member and, later, President of BAUS

Sir Eric Riches

1897 - 1987

Described a popular new cystoscope and attachments

Battle of the Somme


60,000 lost on the first day

World War II Begins

1939 - 1945

Hitler invades Poland

World War II Ends

1939 - 1945

Hitler dies and Japan surrenders

All Saints' Hospital London

1911 - 1986

Founded by Edward Canny Ryall

Clifford Morson (1906)

1906 - 1975

Radiotherapy pioneer

Clifford Morson (1946)

1946 - 1975

Radiotherapy pioneer

Ronald Ogier Ward DSO OBE MC

1945 - 1971

First President of BAUS

Sir Eric W Riches

1951 - 1987

Designer of an integrated cystoscope

Centenary of 1918 Armistice


10,000 people at the Cenotaph

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