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We will not be running a photographic competition this year, but that should not stop you from considering submission of your photographic portfolios to the Virtual Museum Art Gallery 

You do not, however, need to confine yourselves to photography.

We also have displays of Painting & Drawing (in Hall 1), together with displays of Sculpture, Pottery & Other Art (in Hall 2).

Use the text links above to see what others have submitted in the past.

All items for display in the Members' Art Gallery should be submitted as high-definition digital images (at least 700 pixels wide). You can submit as many images as you wish, up to a maximum of eight.

We recommend that your painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery images are taken either by an experienced photographer using a high-resolution digital camera under professional lighting conditions, or by your hospital's Medical Photography Department. Low-definition mobile phone images are not acceptable.

Please click here to submit your images, or to ask any questions you may have about the submission process

Together with your submitted images, we also ask that you supply:

  • a brief (2-3 line) biographical summary of yourself (although you may, if you prefer, remain anonymous);
  • a brief description of each item (if you wish); and
  • a statement of the copyright level required for each individual image (click here for further information about the three levels of copyright); a copyright statement will be added to all your images on publication.

Please send ONLY the digital images to us - DO NOT send the original artwork

All submitted artwork will be displayed in the BAUS Members' Art Gallery in the BAUS Virtual Museum with Level 1 copyright (i.e. all rights reserved & copyright attributed to the member); this section will be open to full public viewing.